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Restoration Technologies was born out of a love for history. A love particularly for historic architecture such as houses, barns, mills, churches, and the many other long forgotten buildings and their amenities.

Historic Restoration. Timber Frame Barn. Parsippany NJ

Through these structures we can learn a great deal about our forefathers and their way of life. For this reason we are dedicated to the study, documentation, and preservation of such structures and related antique materials. This dedication to historic structures has helped us to become an active leader in the preservation community.

Adaptive Reuse. Lumber Salvage. Custom Carpentry.

Not just a construction company with restoration as a service, our knowledge sharing all-inclusive approach to preservation is helping to create awareness by participating in as well as forming new organizations to further the preservation movement. After over 15 years in the preservation field we have completed numerous restoration / preservation projects working with individuals, corporations, non-profits, and governmental agencies. With this experience comes the knowledge to safely and successfully complete your project to the highest standards.

We offer a wide variety of services to suit all your needs, including but not limited to the following:

Historic Restoration

Timber Framing

Structural Repairs & Straightning

Building Dismantling & Reassembly

Custom Carpentry

Consulting & Design

Historic Documentation

Historically Sensitive Demolition

Architectural & Lumber Salvage

Building movers, Building relocation

Restoration Technologies also offers a rotating stock of antique buildings and miscellaneous building materials (e.g. Flooring, Mantels, Siding, etc.). Contact us with your needs, if we do not have it we will reach out to our many associates in the field and try to locate it for you.

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