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Restoration Technologies of New Jersey, LLC


Experts in Historic Restoration, Timber Framing,

Building Relocation, Structural Repairs, Historically Sensitive Demolition and more.


FOR SALE:  COMPLETE Barns, Buildings, Timber, Wood, Beams and more....


Phone: 908-812-1003



FB Message: restotechnj

Fax: 908-475-1767



Wild About Barns: Episode 104
Restoration Technologies of New Jersey was recently featured on Ride TV's, Wild About Barns


To view the full episode:

Timber Frame Homes

New Inventory

Rt 94 Crib

Rt 94 Crib

Original Location - Knowlton, NJ

Dimentions - 22' x 6.5'


Recent Project

Wagon House Relocation

RESTOTECH builds timber frame homes!

We've been building timber frame homes for twenty-five years.

We build homes from entire frames we have saved.


We build custom homes using saved timbers.

Your new home can be just what you want ...


Call us: 908-812-1003

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